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GM Sirius XM satellite radio +Bluetooth/USB/Aux/iPod interface with TEXT. Phone kit

GM Sirius XM satellite radio +Bluetooth/USB/Aux/iPod interface with TEXT. Phone kit

GM Sirius XM satellite radio +Bluetooth/USB/Aux/iPod interface with TEXT. Phone kit    GM Sirius XM satellite radio +Bluetooth/USB/Aux/iPod interface with TEXT. Phone kit
ReplacementRadios , one of the largest factory audio/video websites, has branched out!! If youve been to our site, you know we have a HUGE selection of OEM radios and compatible accessories. Now were offering a few select products here too. Brand new, in the retail packaging. All the features of the ISGM575 and then some (See details below). Plug and play (Unlike other kits, there's no splicing required). Compatible with virtually every iPod/iPhone/iPad (see list below). Displays song title & artist on factory radio. Charges your Apple product while connected (Unless noted in list below). Allows control of iPod from your radio (in case you want it out of sight). Allows control of iPod from the clickwheel (if you prefer that method). Includes a dash-mountable USB cable for use with a USB thumb drive.

Song text (metadata) is displayed on the radio from the MP3 files on USB. Includes an Auxiliary input cable with both 3.5mm headphone jack and RCA. HD radio can be added with extra equipment (not included).

SiriusXM satellite radio equipment is included. Control and display SiriusXM right from/on your factory radio. Includes a microphone for mounting in your vehicle. Compatible with most Bluetooth ready phones. Guaranteed to be compatible with the iPhone.

Basic control for Android wirelessly through Bluetooth. Android audio streaming and wireless track control through Bluetooth. Direct connection (No FM modulator or cassette adapter required). Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, radios and options.

Your year, make and model must be on the Application List provided. Compatible with factory radios only (Not aftermarket). Compatible with or without factory steering wheel controls. Compatible with most factory touch-screen navigation radios. Compatible with or without remote factory CD changer. Compatible with most factory Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) DVD systems.

Compatible with or without BOSE sound system. Not compatible with Monsoon or a ny other sound system with signal sensing amp. Not compatible in all vans (See note in Vehicle Applications section). Not compatible with Hummer vehicles! Radio MUST have a BAND button (Unless it is navigation).

This ISGM655 digital Connect interface by iSimple is a state of the art product that allows you to directly connect SiriusXM, a USB and/or Bluetooth device and one other source. This allows for more options than their ISGM575 Gateway interface. See more details on the differences between these two interfaces further down in this ad.

In addition to the SiriusXM tuner, Bluetooth and USB cables, this ISGM655 Connect interface includes an auxiliary input cable with both 3.5mm stereo mini headphone connections and left/right RCA jacks. You can also add HD Radio (extra-cost equipment required) but you would have to give up use of the auxiliary cable because you are limited to a total of two extra connections and you will be using one of them for the satellite kit. This does not include Bluetooth or USB. So, counting the USB and Bluetooth, you can have 4 things connected at once. This allows for an incredible number of connection combinations.

This interface connects to the back of your factory radio. The cable that connects it to your radio is a T-harness, so it has a plug to allow you, in most cases, to retain a factory auxiliary input currently connected to the radio. (DVD player, etc) The interface will not be visible from inside the car, with the exception of any cables you happen to route to the interior in order to connect/use external devices. (Bluetooth, USB, iPod and Aux, for example) This product operates in satellite (SAT) emulation mode so you MUST have a BAND button on your radio. Unless you have a navigation radio. Most navigation radios are compatible. It is not compatible if you have the Monsoon system or any other system with a signal sensing amplifier. Commonly found in the Hummer H3. It is also not compatible with vehicles that had/have non touch-screen navigation radios. If you have a non touch-screen navigation radio OR the vehicle was originally equipped with a non touch-screen navigation radio, this device will not work for you.

IPod/iPhone/iPad When used with the USB to 30-pin (or USB to Lightning, in the case of the newer Apple products) cable that came with your iPod , text such as playlist, track name, artist and album name is displayed on the radio and you can control the iPod from the radio. This includes: track up/down, playlist selection, shuffle modes, scan and repeat.

Some control is also enabled for the steering wheel controls. 5 volt charging is also provided through the USB to iPod cable.

You will probably want to use the included USB cable extension (and mounting bracket, if you so desire) to locate the USB female port close at hand. Then you'll connect your iPod/iPhone to that using the USB to Apple connector you already own. Most Bluetooth phones from the last couple years do.

You simply clip the included microphone on your visor or some other common sense location. To make or receive a call, you enter satellite radio mode on your radio. For most radios, this is as simple as a press of the BAND button. For incoming calls, Caller ID will be displayed on the radio. You just press a button to accept the call.

IPhone, Android and some non-smartphones support VR. This is handy if you want to use the USB port for a thumb-drive or some other purpose. Basic track forward'skipping' is also supported in streaming audio mode.

For iPhones/iPods/iPads that support Bluetooth, song title and artist text is also displayed on the radio. The Bluetooth portion of this kit is guaranteed to be compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S. However, the 1st Gen iPhone does not support A2DP streaming audio. USB Don't have an iPod or iPhone? This product has a dedicated USB plug that supports use of USB thumb-drives up to 32GB and up to 8,000 MP3 format songs.

There's even an included 6 foot extension cable with a dash-mount bracket so you can plug your thumb-drive in at an easy to access location. Or you can drill a 3/4 hole anywhere in your dash to give it a factory appearance. Song text (metadata) is displayed on the radio from the MP3 files on the USB thumb-drive. 2.1 amp charging is also supplied through the USB port, so your device will stay juiced up while the vehicle is on. Auxiliary This interface includes an auxiliary (aux) input cable so you can add another device.

(mp3 player, satellite radio, CD changer, DVD player, etc). You can choose from RCA jacks OR a stereo mini headphone style plug.

Those are the two most common connection types so it should accommodate connection of just about anything. SiriusXM satellite radio (Equipment included). You will use one of the extra ports to add SiriusXM satellite radio.

You will get the Audiovox SXV200 SiriusXM tuner kit and the iSimple ISSR12 cable as part of this package. With this additional equipment, your radio will display song, artist and station text for all subscribed SiriusXM stations, just like a factory kit. You will also be able to control the satellite radio right from your factory radio or the matching steering wheel control buttons, if so equipped.

No ugly dash-mounted tuners with this kit! Sirius and XM have merged into one company and SiriusXM is their new combined service. Older Sirius and XM tuners (like the SCC1) are being discontinued. It is possible XM-specific and Sirius-specific programming will be done away with or made more expensive in the future as an incentive to switch to SiriusXM. Don't get caught with an old tuner that is limited or locks you into higher pricing.

These new SiriusXM tuners are capable of getting all the normal channels that used to be on XM/Sirius, as well as all the premium channels that used to be Sirius or XM specific. HD Radio (Additional equipment required - not included) You can also use a port to add. Instead of the auxiliary cable. You will need the HDRT tuner package to do this.

Some vehicles will also require antenna adapters. The HDRT has standard motorola style plugs on it.

Artist and song title text are displayed on the radio if it is text capable. There are hundreds of HD radio stations across the country. You can find more information on the hdradio website. Remember, you cannot have more than two sources connected at the same time, not counting USB and Bluetooth.

There are many details about the optional components that are not addressed in this ad. Differences between this ISGM655 Connect and their ISGM575 Gateway. Don't confuse this ISGM655 Connect interface with their ISGM575 Gateway interface. You get far more connection options with this ISGM655.

There are a couple main advancements in this ISGM655 Connect interface. ISimple added a dedicated USB port that can be used to play MP3 audio from a thumb-drive OR connect your iPhone. There was no USB port on the older Gateway interface at all. Other than a USB mini port that was reserved strictly for updating the firmware.

This only left you with one connection port. If you wanted iPod, Sirius and Bluetooth all at the same time, for instance, you couldn't do that with the Gateway. You can with this Connect interface. 6-foot USB extension cable with dash mount bracket.

Hands-free Bluetooth microphone with mounting clip. Auxiliary input cable with RCA and stereo mini plugs. Audiovox SXV200 SiriusXM tuner/antenna kit. ISimple ISSR12 cable to connect SiriusXM tuner to interface.

Compatible with the following Apple products. Most 2003 and newer GM vehicles (except Hummer) with a radio that has a BAND button. It is compatible with most navigation radios. It is not compatible with vehicles that had/have non touch-screen navigation radios. It is also not compatible in some vans, even though they have a BAND button.

If you have a van on the list you will need to have XM in the vehicle to use this. Most, but not all of the vehicles marked with this symbol that have radios with the BAND button are XM capable.

This device uses the XM functionality for operation. There is no way to determine this from the face. We have found it sometimes happens with the vans and is more likely to occur on vans that were originally government service or fleet service vehicles. Please be sure to open the packaging from this product carefully and save it, in case you find yours isn't capable. Theftlock will not be activated if you remove your radio.

These GM radios have the VIN assigned to them and yours will work as soon as you plug it back in since it has your VIN assigned to it. This site does the figuring, not us. A signature is not typically required. If you are not home to receive the package, it will most likely be left at your door. Please monitor it's progress and arrange to collect it when it arrives.

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  • Brand: iSimple
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ISGM655, SXV200, ISSR12, For- iPhone-Android-too

GM Sirius XM satellite radio +Bluetooth/USB/Aux/iPod interface with TEXT. Phone kit    GM Sirius XM satellite radio +Bluetooth/USB/Aux/iPod interface with TEXT. Phone kit