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Bluetooth phone + music kit + iPod interface. Android iPhone. For Nissan radios

Bluetooth phone + music kit + iPod interface. Android iPhone. For Nissan radios

Bluetooth phone + music kit + iPod interface. Android iPhone. For Nissan radios  Bluetooth phone + music kit + iPod interface. Android iPhone. For Nissan radios
If youve been to our site, you know we have a HUGE selection of OEM compatible products. Plug and play (Unlike other kits, there's no splicing required). Other retailers sell it separately. Control your iPod functions from the radio (keeps iPod out of sight). Displays song title & artist on satellite capable radios. Charges your iPod while it is connected (Unless noted in iPod list below). Compatible with most 30-pin iPods (see list below).

You would need a 30-pin to Lightning adapter to use newer Apple products. Only adapters from the Apple store should be used Not knock-offs!

See more information in our DETAILS section below. Apple-licensed connector for superior performance. Includes a microphone for mounting in your vehicle. Allows you to stream audio or music wirelessly. Compatible with most Bluetooth ready phones. Guaranteed to be compatible with the iPhone.

Section below for more info. Capable with optional equipment (See DETAILS).

Compatible with factory radios only (Not aftermarket). Direct connection (No FM modulator or cassette adapter required).

Includes an auxiliary input cable with both RCA and stereo mini (headphone type) connections. Compatible with or without factory steering wheel controls. NOT compatible with factory navigation systems.

Compatible with or without remote factory CD changer. Compatible with or without premium sound system (Bose/etc). Compatible with or without factory Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) DVD system. Not compatible with factory satellite radio in 2007 models (Must be dis-connected). May require a slight volume adjustment while in use.

Radio must have SAT, CAT, CATEGORY, CH or CHANNEL printed on a button or the face. It only works with radios that are satellite capable so your factory radio MUST have either SAT, CAT, CATEGORY, CH or CHANNEL printed on a button or the face. The cable that connects this to your radio is a T-harness, so it has a plug to allow you, in most cases, to retain a factory device currently connected to the radio.

It connects to the back of the factory radio. On one end it connects to the PXAMG Gateway (included) and, on the other, there is a microphone that you will mount on your visor or some other common sense location.

This Bluetooth kit uses one of the two available input ports on the Gateway. Calling: You simply run the cable and clip the included microphone on your visor or some other common sense location. To make or receive a call, you enter satellite radio mode on your radio.

For most radios, this is as simple as a press of a button. For incoming calls, Caller ID will be displayed on the radio.

You just press a button to accept the call. IPhone, Android and some non-smartphones support VR. Music: You can also listen to music from your Apple or Android device through the Bluetooth kit using A2DP audio streaming. This is handy if you want to use the second input port for some other purpose, rather than connect the iPod cable.

HD Radio, SiriusXM, Aux, etc. Basic track forward'skipping' is also supported for the native music player in both Apple and Android devices.

For iPhones/iPods/iPads that support Bluetooth, song title and artist text is also displayed on the radio from the native music player. Text is not displayed for Android or other non-Apple devices.

Control (other than volume) is not enabled for non-native music apps (Spotify, Slacker, iHeart, etc) for either Apple or Android devices. The Bluetooth portion of this kit is an add-on, so compatibility may be different from compatibility for the interface itself.

The add-on Bluetooth kit is guaranteed compatible with all iPhones. 1st Gen iPhone does not support A2DP streaming audio. IPod/iPhone/iPad This interface has two possible iPod music control modes using the included 30-pin cable: basic and advanced.

Operation of the interface is from the radio in advanced mode. This includes: track up/down, playlist selection, shuffle modes, scan and repeat for the native Apple music player.

Some control is also enabled from the steering wheel audio controls, if applicable. Playlist, track name, artist and album name display is available on the radio in advanced mode. If you are in basic control mode, the only feature you can control from the radio is volume. All other control is from the Apple product itself. Text is not displayed on the radio in basic mode.

If you have a newer Apple device with a Lightning connector, you can look into the 30-pin to Lightning adapter from the Apple store. Do that Lightning research before purchasing from this listing!!

If you read the adapter reviews on Apple's site, you will see numerous complaints about the cable style not working right and the block style being too big for a case. This works as intended with 30-pin Apple products. In any case, do NOT use a knock-off adapter. They are virtually guaranteed not to work. They usually allow charging only. Auxiliary Unlike competitor's products, this includes an auxiliary (aux) input cable so you can add another device. (mp3 player, satellite radio, CD changer, DVD player, etc). You can choose from RCA jacks OR a stereo mini plug. Or, use the port to add something cooler, like.

(with the HDRT tuner package - not included) OR. Satellite with the SCC1 tuner and ISSR11 cable neither are included. You cannot, however, have more than two sources connected at the same time. The Bluetooth and iPod each count as a source, so you would have to fore-go use of one of those two connections to free up a port for HD Radio, Sirius radio or a standard auxiliary input.

Although you could fore-go use of the iPod cable and utilize the A2DP streaming feature of Bluetooth to stream the songs wirelessly from an iPhone, which would free up one port for another use. If you want to add Sirius or HD Radio, we encourage you to go to the Satellite Radio or HD Radio listings to read more about these products before you select one. There are many details about the optional components that are not addressed in this ad. This is important because it ensures you get the latest features, fixes and application updates.

Cable to connect iPod to interface (ISPDC11). T-harness to connect interface to back of factory radio (PGHNI2). Auxiliary input cable with RCA and stereo mini plugs. Packaging may vary but you will receive the items listed above.

Compatible with the following Apple products with the 30-pin cable. Compatible with these Apple products when using Bluetooth streaming. The works for the following applications IF you meet the requirements above AND you aren't excluded by any of the additional notes below this list.

This product is not compatible with navigation radios in ANY vehicle, even if it appears on the Application List. 2009 and newer Rouge vehicles with "PY00F" or "CY26G" radio are not compatible. Code is found in top right corner of radio. ^ Models marked with this symbol use the ISNI571 package if the vehicle is equipped with factory navigation system.

^^ 2011 and newer Sentra vehicles with "CY13F" radio are not compatible. This site does the figuring, not us. A signature is not typically required. If you are not home to receive the package, it will most likely be left at your door. Please monitor it's progress and arrange to collect it when it arrives.

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  • Brand: iSimple Peripheral PAC-AUDIO
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ISNI572 ISBT21
  • Other Part Number: PXAMG PGHNI2, ISNI572_BLUE
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Part Brand: iSimple Peripheral PAC-AUDIO

Bluetooth phone + music kit + iPod interface. Android iPhone. For Nissan radios  Bluetooth phone + music kit + iPod interface. Android iPhone. For Nissan radios